Card Sharp Silver… Day 3

Another Rest Day…

Got to my internet computer around 11 am and worked there on different projects until around 2pm. Cooked Kris and I a light lunch, then we both went back to work.

My attitude today was to keep resting, although I have to admit I felt a lot more rested today than yesterday. Still not pushing anything too much. Not sick or anything, just recovering from too much stress, which tends to knock me down for a few days at this age.

So more work at the internet side of things, then a nap, then around 6:30 pm Kris and I went out for a walk to get take-out from one of our favorite restaurants that is managing to hang on. Great Thai food.

Watched a show during dinner, then out for another walk to finishing getting our steps. I ate 1,200 calories of food today and burned (by my Fitbit) just over 2,400 calories. Going the right direction again.

Tomorrow I start running some stairs here in the building along with getting my steps. We make do on exercise where we can these days. (grin)

Back to work for an hour or so on the internet computer after the walk, sending responses to stories and things, then we decided to rest and watch a movie. The Current War, which was amazingly good if you like that sort of history.

So made it into my writing office around 11:30 pm and got right back into the book. I took a break at 12:30 am after about 1,000 new words, then went back for another half hour for about 500 more words before my brain said I was done. So 1,500 words total.

Still very slow, but considering how tired I have been the last three days, and how late I have been getting to the writing, I’m okay with it. This is one of my patterns. (After 200 plus novels, you know your own patterns.)

So it will pick up quickly if I stay in pattern. I’m really liking the story. Fairly twisted and only a few thousand words in. (grin) Cave Creek is going to be fun.

And speaking of Cave Creek, only three plus days left. I think we can hit the next stretch goal, maybe two if we get lucky, and really get some writers some cool stuff. So pass the word as much as you can, maybe bump up your pledge a little.

Realize also that if you back this, in a week or so you will have some more free books to read in this down time because of the stretch rewards. So help out Cave Creek where you can. Thanks!

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