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Made It Through

I am a mess…

Kris is typing this for me to keep up my streak. She has written an update. Thanks for all the support.


  • Kate Pavelle

    Glad you made it through in your usual style!
    We had a fun comping mechanism during my recoveries: my family gave me a little jar of shiny arcade tokens. We called them the “bitch chits.” If I felt like snapping was inordinately grumpy or had a hard time asking for help, I used a bitch chit as a “get out of jail free card.” This made the occasional bad mood into a joke, and it made it easier for me to ask for help. YMMV – I hated handing them over! However, they helped me avoid the “oopses” that set patients in recovery back because they do more than they should.
    I hope you heal as fast and as well as I did!

  • Mark

    Dean, may your recovery go well and be a speedy one (sorry if speed’s the last thing on your mind right now.)

  • Harold Goodman

    Where is the update from Kris?
    I still cannot locate her contact email on her site.

    You will make it through. Use all your energy to recover.