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Licensing Transition

A One Year Journey…

Ever wondered how to get your nifty novel series or book with fun characters from a book to licensees who might want to make it into shirts, wine, movies, games, dolls, and who knows what else?

That very question, the transition from IP to license is the subject of a one year course we are doing on Teachable. I just posted the last three videos on the Learn Along Licensing. And that one will go away shortly.

But now, starting here on July 1st and running until July 1st, 2020 is Licensing Transition. It is not a workshop or a lecture or a pop-up or anything else. It stands alone.

Kris and I and WMG Publishing, over this next year, are going to be making the transition from books to licenses. Oh sure, we will still publish books and magazines, but we will have a different way of looking at each one.

That transition of getting from one point to the desired goal has many steps. It is why I have started the trademark series of lectures here, actually. Just part of the many steps.

This Licensing Transition course will have new videos, slides, documents, contracts, you name it, every month for the next year. Kris and I and WMG will be getting ready to be licensors at the 2020 Licensing Expo and you can follow along with everything we do over the year to get ready and after the 2020 Expo.

Yes, I will label every video or picture or document. And I will divide them up by months. But one fee gets you on board for the year-long ride of learning.

Here are the details for Licensing Transition.

— The cost is $500 total for the full year. No credits or lifetime subscriptions can be used.

— Those who sign up early will get extra stuff.

— At some point I will cut off sign-ups.

— There are no assignments, but I will freely answer questions along the way.

— If you took the Learn Along Licensing, there is a discount code under the last two videos.

So this will be fun. The world of licensing and how to get from that finished story or novel a real chance to be licensed is what we are calling the transition.

How do you get from here to there? Follow along for a year and find out.

On Teachable…



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