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Holy Smokes… It Is July!

July Workshops Are Starting…

I had no idea how it got to be suddenly July. Do we need to send out a search party for June? Wow, that Licensing Expo and all the learning just took June and flashed it past for me.

So anyhow, working on reading challenge stories and getting out stretch rewards to the wonderful backers of Kris’s Diving Series. And because I didn’t realize it was July already, I almost forgot to do the assignments for the June workshops tonight and start the July ones.

Almost no one signed up in the July workshops, so if interested, lots of room, just like this time every year. The Great Forgetting is strong in the air. (grin)

And we have a new How to Write Westerns workshop this month. And in August we are going to start yet another new workshop called Attitude!

And just about finished with a new Pop-Up on “The Race” or “How to Make Magazine Submissions and Rejections Fun.”

So here are the July workshops that are starting. Write me if you have a credit and want the code, or just sigh up on Teachable.

Class #1… July 2nd … Depth #3: Research
Class #2… July 2nd … Author Voice
Class #3… July 2nd … Time Travel
Class #4… July 2nd … Writing into the Dark
Class #5… July 2nd… Writing Fiction Sales Copy
Class #6… July 3rd … Depth in Writing
Class #7… July 3rd …Writing and Selling Short Stories
Class #8… July 3rd … Writing Westerns
Class #9… July 3rd … Novel Structure
Class #10… July 3rd … Advanced Depth



  • Vera Soroka

    I just purchased the Learn along licencing and did I understand right that the magic bakery lecture was apart of it? If so how do I access it? Was looking forward to that. Thanks.

  • E. R. Paskey

    Ooh, I’m looking forward to the Writing Westerns workshop! And in the midst of everything happening these past few weeks and enjoying the Time Travel workshop, I forgot the Attitude workshop is slated for August. Fun, fun. *grin*

    Looking forward to The Race popup as well! I started sending out short stories for the first time in March and have collected a few rejections so far. Waiting to hear back from other markets while I write more. (I’ve always liked short stories, but considered myself more of a novel writer.)