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Licensing Expo Postponed

No Surprise…

Now scheduled for August 11-13. Same place, and if you had rooms, you can just kick them back.

Licensing Transition Class (that is still open for sign-ups) will be extended into September now, so all of you in that class get a bunch of extra, besides free access to the Licensing 101 class going on now.

Got a hunch that licensee’s are going to be hungry by August. I was about to book a couple of appointments with two movie studios, but will now do so for August. Fun stuff.

Sign up on Teachable.


Kickstarter Best Practices for Fiction Writers is up on Teachable for free. We are just getting started with that.

And, of course, with half the country being forced to stay home allows for time for workshops and learning, so we will be announcing some group deals on workshops. Stay tuned, I will announce them here.

Also, I am in the process of bringing back to the front all the Pop-Ups before doing another new one, and also have taken off all the deadlines on stories for the Pop-Ups. Those are $150 each (or you can get them in blocks) and have a story to write that Kris or I will read.

And this weekend I will be finishing up all the stories that came in from various workshops and starting back reading on the Challenge stories. So expect responses if you have a story submitted for one thing or another.

One last thing: LIfetime Subscription to the Workshops is the best deal you can get for the vast number of workshops and want to do a lot of learning and writing this next numbers of weeks.

And if you have taken a few workshops, you can get a discount by writing me.