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Mentorship Open For One

I Said I Was Closing This…

But I had one of the writers who just started a few months ago have a life roll (besides the silliness going on in the world where we get to stay home and write.) The writer asked if I would put her on hiatus for a year and I said sure, no problem.

So that opens one spot I didn’t expect, and I also closed the mentorships with one spot still remaining open. But I am still only taking one this time and then shutting it off for the last time.

So if you are interested in having me be your cheerleader, read your stories, help you with covers, and give business advice going forward for a year or as long as you would like, now is the last chance.

I will be your mentor and do the best I can. Write me with questions if you have them.

And if you want to grab the last spot, write me, or send the $3,000 through Paypal and then let me know.


Getting responses back on all stories as quickly as I can. All have been read by me and Kris, all considered for various publications, so now just writing letters. And yes, I am offering on a few.

And after that I start through the challenge stories. That will take a week or so.

And tomorrow I start the new novel, finally.