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Here and Working

Arrived at the Coast…

Around 6:30 Pacific Time, checked into my hotel, and went to work up at the warehouse, ending around 10:30. Had some help tonight from Chris and Steve, which was great. Thanks!!

Oregon was a lot better than central Nevada on the masks and my safety today. Even Eastern Oregon. No real issues and only one guy I had to step back to avoid. And Boise was great. No issue at all.

So two legs of this trip down.

Now comes three days of packing and work before I get to go back out on the road again and risk my life because idiots are too selfish to put on a mask to protect the people around them. If I hadn’t had to make this trip, there is no chance I would be out here. Just not fun traveling hyper aware and afraid.

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  • Valerie Emerson

    I’m glad to see you made the first half of the trip safely. I hate going anywhere these days. no one wears a mask or believes in personal space in my area. It just feels better to stay home.

    I hope everything goes smoothly and you get home with no trouble!