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Launching A Brand In a Few Hours

I’m Really Excited About This Brand Launching!

Bryant Street Kickstarter. Launching Noon Tuesday!

Bryant Street… where The Twilight Zone lives. A really twisted, but normal-looking subdivision street.

40 stories in four books. The seasons of Bryant Street, basically. Or four seasons of a Bryant Street television series, 10 episodes per season.

I have been writing and selling and publishing Bryant Street stories since the mid-1980s. It has always been a brand I paid attention to, but really never pushed it. I did have my writer corporation for about 20 years named Bryant Street.

And the trademark of Bryant Street is very solid for a number of reasons.

So for years I’ve wanted to do something with Bryant Street stories besides mostly publish them in Smith’s Monthly. That time is finally here.

Go to to sign up to be notified when it launches in a few hours.

This is only the beginning of this brand

And the campaign will have two really great short story workshops that you can only get through Kickstarter, and stretch goals to write stories for Pulphouse, and a ton of other stuff.

And every backer of every reward gets the four books of Bryant Street stories. This will only last for ten days, so don’t let this flash past.



  • Daniel Fellows

    I am really looking forward to this Kickstarter. I have been working my way through Stories From July and I have been collecting the Colliding Worlds books. These short stories have inspired me to start my own challenge for 2024. Can’t wait for these books.

  • Cheryl

    Looking forward to the Kickstarter — but also, how did I miss this: there’s a regular PARADOX workshop that started last week. Missed first week’s assignment but diving in now.