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Last Hours!

Pulphouse Fiction Magazine Kickstarter…

Only hours left. It will close a little after 6 p.m. West Coast time, so don’t miss out.

And I am stunned and thankful for all the hundreds of people who have supported this project. I always felt sad the most when we closed Pulphouse Incorporated back in 1996 to stop this magazine. So now, 21 years later, to have this kind of support bringing Pulphouse Fiction Magazine back is wonderful.

So thank you!!

As a reminder and last pitch, every supporter gets an Issue Zero, and extra copy on their subscription, and three special books.

If you are thinking of workshops, this is the way to get them for the next few hours. And with each workshop from Kickstarter, you get a credit for a free Classic Workshop as well.

Plus other fun stuff there in the rewards.

I am sort of surprised no collector has grabbed the limited signed slipcase full set of Pulphouse Hardbacks with over 200 author signatures. Only a few of those full sets even exist after all these years.

Again, just a few hours left to jump into the fun.

Thanks again, everyone for a very, very successful run.

Now in November the real fun begins as we get out Issue Zero and set up all the systems that will hold us into the future and build a new, long-term future for this wonderful old/new magazine.