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Kickstarter Finished Strong

Wow, just Wow!!!…

Thank you, everyone, for the support for bringing back Pulphouse Fiction Magazine. It means more than you know.

As for those of you who took the workshop reward, hold on for a short time and we’ll contact you through Kickstarter just before the end of the month. And yes, you can take November workshops just fine. They don’t start until the 7th, so lots of time to sign up once we contact you.

No one will be blocked from a November workshop they want to take, so no worries there.

Same with the lectures. We’ll contact you through a survey in Kickstarter around the first of the month and then work with you on if you want to hold the credits for the lectures or sign up for some.

The reason for the first of the month is that it takes Kickstarter that long to get everything settled. So we just need to wait.

Again, thanks.

And here is a nifty video that Gwyneth made of me saying “Thanks” from everyone at WMG Publishing.



  • Mark Kuhn

    Dean, congrats on the Kickstarter! I think I speak for a lot of people when I say I can’t wait to see Pulphouse!

    • dwsmith

      Not going to have to wait too long I hope. Before the end of November Pulphouse Issue Zero should be winging its way out into the world. Fingers crossed on that schedule. (grin)