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Last 36 Hours of the Kickstarter

And Yes, We Hit Two More Stretch Goals!!!


You can see all the details at Pulphouse Fiction Magazine Subscription Drive 2023 Kickstarter.

So we have hit the third and fourth regular stretch goals and two special ones, so that means we open up Pulphouse Fiction Magazine to submissions for only the backers who help us on this subscription drive. That will be fun for me, the editor, to be honest.

The magazine will never be open for general submissions. Not ever. I am too old for reading slush piles and now my eyes are too bad. But I will love reading stories from backers who believe in the magazine.

And now, with hitting the stretch goals, backers can send stories for four months starting in August. I will send the guidelines out at the start of each month as an update. August guidelines three or four days after this funds. And if we hit the last stretch goal, that will be five months of submissions, one story per backer per month. Ahh, the advantages of going monthly.

So help us pass the word to hit that last goal.

And we do pay 6 cents per word.

Also we are working at the same time on a Pulphouse Shopify store. That will be really fun and we will have a grand opening sale starting the day after the Kickstarter ends. It is amazingly cool.

Remember that our Kickstarter campaigns always have nifty workshops as well. We call them special workshops and they are only available through the Kickstarter. They are never put up for sale anywhere else.

The titles of the two special workshops this time are:

KNOWN AND STRANGE THINGS…This workshop’s title pretty much describes what many Pulphouse stories are at their core. A known thing turned strange (think a lot of Twilight Zone stories) or a strange thing written as if it is known. 

This workshop will help you learn how to do that in three short weeks. It will be a class that will surprise and shock you at times. 

I CAN’T BELIEVE I’M WRITING THIS… All writers have a moment in a few stories where they surface and shake their heads and say to themselves: “I can’t believe I’m writing this.” But for most writers, these moments are few and far between, and they often signal that the story will be different and great and that is what sells. Same and boring never sells.

In three weeks we will help you access that part of your writing skills that allows you to write fiction that you can’t believe you wrote. This will be an eye-opening and really fun class.

Both are three-week classes and the third assignment is to write a short story. You have your choice of taking either class in August or September.  More details on the Kickstarter. And yes, you can get them both for a discount.

But remember, these workshops will never be for sale. Only get them through the campaign. So that  means you only have 36 Hours Left to get them.

And we have merch and other workshops. The campaign has all sorts of fun stuff. Thanks for helping secure the future of Pulphouse Fiction Magazine.

Pulphouse Fiction Magazine 2023 Subscription Drive.

Below is me talking about what the campaign contains. (Might have to click it twice to start.)

Remember, last full day!! Ends 7pm on Thurday.


  • Kate Pavelle

    Four bites of the apple? FOUR??? )(I thought it was one per writer.) Wow, you bet your Lifesavers I’m writing four stories for consideration! First, I’m thrilled that people are subscribing. And second, I’m excited to write them. Thank you, Dean!