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Kris’s 60th Birthday Part One

A Really Fun Day in Two Posts and Lots of Pictures!

And Kris said she had a blast.

She started off her day with her normal morning run, and Fremont Street was open. It just so happened that the casinos were opening here in Vegas just today. The town felt alive and coming back to Vegas. Wonderful. So she ran on Fremont Street, like she used to do. She describes it on her Facebook page wonderfully.

Then after I got up and got around, we headed out to the Bellagio to see the Japanese Garden display there. They opened at 10 am and we got there around 1 pm. The lobby had a decent number of people in it and the garden was stunning, just stunning.

Also, the casino had some general wonderful decorations. Here is an image of Kris having some fun in front of one of them.

The blackjack tables have only three chairs and are protected by plexiglass and you don’t touch the cards. I sat down to play a few hands to see what it was like. Didn’t seem to make any difference. And I honestly didn’t notice the plexiglass until a woman sat down in the chair beside me and I realized I was completely sheltered from her. You have to look hard in the photo to see it. So very safe.

And all employees were wearing masks and most of the people were as well. All employees are tested every day and we went through two or three very hidden temperature scanning areas coming in. Kris didn’t even see them.

We then had a wonderful lunch in one of the restaurants there that is one of our favorites and Kris can safely eat in. Tables were at least 12 feet apart and a table with three men were there when we arrived, but they left and Kris and I watched the staff sanitize the table in such a way that nothing could live, even every inch of the chairs. Wow.

Then we walked past the most famous poker room on the planet, but alas, still closed and more than likely will be for some time.

Then home to have a birthday party. Next post.


  • Britt Malka

    Happy Birthday to Kris.

    Thanks for sharing pictures. The one with the robot is funny. The poker room picture at the end… it seems sad that it’s empty.

    • dwsmith

      Yeah, the only sad thing on a really joyous day. But at least Vegas is opening back up again. I was worried for a while.

  • emmiD

    Happy birthday to Kris. Wonderful to see the Bellagio flowers. And Vegas is opening up is a wow.