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Kris’s Birthday Party Part Two


For all the wonderful birthday cards you sent to Kris. She has a list on her Facebook page of everyone. Please pardon the typos, they are mine, since I was typing in names, and trying to read handwriting and two cards had some water damage so we just couldn’t get names.

But wow, it was wonderful!!! You made Kris’s day, folks! And made it special.

So thank you!!!!!!!

After we got back from the Bellagio, We put the birthday cake in the middle of the dining room table with the huge pile of cards. We had had a piece of cake the night before and Kris had another piece for breakfast, but still a ton left.

Then Kris got ready with her trusty envelope opener that looks damned dangerous, to be honest.

And I sat at one side and as she opened them and read them, I put in the names (and read the cards as well. Almost no duplicates. Stunning.)

So after Kris opened them, we stood them around the cake on our large dining room table. Images are from right to left on the table and then of Kris with them all.

We ended the day with me going and getting some great dinner for take out and then Kris reading on the balcony for a while before we watched a show.

So thank you again, everyone, for the wonderful cards. Kris will treasure them and you all helped make this a completely memorable 60th birthday for her.

I am so thankful. And so is she, for all the wonderful friendship everyone showed in this crazy time.