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Cold Poker Gang Kickstarter Hit Goal!!!

In Just 24 Hours!!

Wow. That is so cool. Thank you, everyone!

Going to finally get the entire series into hardback and all supporters will get an early copy to read of BOTTOM PAIR, the new novel. That will be available to early readers from the campaign later this fall and published for everyone later in the winter.

Remember, there is a nifty new workshop only available through this campaign called How to Write Mystery Series. A number of people have asked if it will be different from what Kris taught in her in-person (and Study Along) mystery workshop. And different from the now classic Writing Mysteries Workshop and the Pop-Up Writing Mysteries in the Dark, or the classic workshop How to Write Series Workshop?

The simple answer is Yes. Kris and I are very aware of those previous workshops and wanted to take this one farther and into more detail.

This will be like a master class compared to those other classes, focused intently on all the stuff that makes writing a mystery series different, harder, and easier. Remember, Kris is Kris Nelscott of the Smokey Dalton mystery series. And I have written thriller series as well as this Cold Poker Gang series. So different, with a lot of focused details crammed into three weeks.

And you can get your choice of lectures or workshops as well through this campaign.

And, of course, a bunch of books to read. So thanks for the support, everyone, and for passing the word on this. Two weeks to go.

Cold Poker Gang Kickstarter Campaign. 


  • Mark Kuhn

    I’ll be jumping in on this one. My favorite series!
    Out of curiosity, in poker, what is a Bottom Pair?

    • dwsmith

      Bottom pair is when you have a pair in a showdown against another player, but your pair is smaller, thus the bottom pair.

  • Britt Malka

    I love that you’ve used poker expressions for your titles. I pledged for the workshop, but I’m still considering the whole virtual series.

    How about a Poker Boy Kickstarter later? I haven’t read any of them yet, but they sound like they are just what I need, but I can’t figure out where to start on Amazon.

    • dwsmith

      We might do that with Poker Boy in a year or so. There are a lot of side series as well, from Ghost of a Chance and Marble Grant to two or three other series that exist in Poker Boy’s world. To see a list of Poker Boy stories in the order to read them in, go to

      On the bottom of the page there is a reading order for most of them. Poker Boy does grow and get more powers as the series goes on, but all stand alone. Thanks!