Cave Creek,  Challenge

Kris Read the Cave Creek Novel

She Liked It…

And said it will be a great bible for the shared world anthologies set in Cave Creek. So finally this weekend I will record some more videos in the shared world class while the novel is being copyedited and put in a form everyone in the class can read it.

And also turns out that the town is so open for a ton of stories, I don’t have to outline much other than what is in the book, so great fun there.

Turns out that writing a novel with the intent that it would work as a short novel, and also be a bible, was an interesting challenge I had never done before. Not sure if I want to do it again, but once was fun. I might write more Cave Creek novels, without the second line bible thinking.

Now, after working all night on different projects and putting in the few corrections Kris found in Cave Creek, I’m going to go watch some late-night television before heading off to bed.

Also, I have a very slight sore shoulder from my first vaccine. As I said to Kris, we are one down and three to go. Two for her, one more for me.

Stay safe out there, folks.


  • James Palmer

    Great news on the vaccine, Dean. My wife works in healthcare and she has gotten both shots. Her shoulder hurt for 24 hours both times. This is quite normal. I can’t wait until I can get my shots.