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One More Distracted Day

Totally Expected…

All good stuff today, of course. And by the time the world let go of me enough, and I had a nap to catch up on missed sleep, there wasn’t a lot of time and focus. But since I had just finished a novel yesterday, I spent today’s free time on Smith’s Monthly #45. I am basically done with it, a few ads to fill out, want to double check some stuff, then off it goes tomorrow to get published. Yeah!

Soon as available, I will announce it here and the subscriptions to the electronic will go out, and the paper will follow when the paper issues are done.

So nothing much to talk about tonight other than if you missed that 22 year old writer today, go find the take on her and listen a few times. That was some masterful writing. And a stunning performance.

And tomorrow I start my new world by getting my first vaccine shot. Hot damn!


We are gaining on the 3rd stretch goal and Kris and I are putting the final touches on a couple more really amazing stretch goals, since we still have two weeks left.

And don’t forget that on this one we have two special three week workshops that can only ever be purchased through this campaign. They are good ones if you interest is to ever writing science fiction, which is, of course, what all 100 stories are in these five volumes.

Check it out at Colliding Worlds Kickstarter.

And for fun, here is the video again that Kris and I recorded and Gwyneth at WMG put together.


  • Peggy

    Good morning, Dean!

    It’s way early, so maybe I just need more caffeine, but I just want to confirm that if I back at a workshop level, I still get the collections.

    In your prior Kickstarters, you’ve made that clear, but this time, the $150 special SF short story workshop level only says it includes the workshop and Fiction River: Time Travelers.

    Thanks for clarifying!

    • dwsmith

      Nope, workshops are just the workshops, plus whatever stretch rewards we end up reaching. But you can add on the collections just by adding $30 and we will work it out in the survey at the end.

      Or you can get the collections and add on $150 for one of the workshops or $250 for both. Just add the extra money and we figure it out at the end.