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Kris and Cheeps Baking…

Actually Mostly Kris…

But Cheeps stayed close the entire time as moral support. And he likes the smell of pumpkin pie and pumpkin bread, even though he will never get any of it.

Kris got her writing done today, ran three miles, cooked dinner, and then made four pumpkin pies and two loaves of pumpkin bread. Wow, what a day.

Tomorrow I cook turkey.

Have a great holiday, everyone…


  • Harvey Stanbrouigh

    Good morning, Dean. Wishing you and Kris a very merry Chrismtas, and may 2024 be a banner year. Up a little early this morning so I can write fiction before the day’s festivities begin. I’m hoping my novel will wrap today. If I write 19 in 2024 (my goal) that will bring me to 101. Marines always have to go through, not to, an objective. (grin)

  • Kate Pavelle

    Cats can be very helpful. My younger daughter Lee’s cat, Bunny, helped me wrap gifts yesterday. That thin ribbon people use for balloons, the kind that can be curled, was of great interest to Bunny. If any gifts have monster claw scratches in them, it’s because Bunny helped me subdue that ornery, lively ribbon with great enthusiasm!
    I was hoping to get a good video of the cat–on-ribbon, action, but Bunny seems to be a descendant of the Schroedinger’s Cat. Filming the whole thing would’ve been entirely affected her behavior.

  • tony

    Happy Christmas and a wonderful future (not to include broken bones please!).
    Thanks for everything you and Kris do! ‘Tis surely apreciated.