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Two New Weekender Workshops Just Started

It’s Midnight on the West Coast of the US…

…and two weekender workshops just started up and will go for four days. Still time to jump in today only (Thursday) and I will read your first assignment even if late, no issue.

Go to

and hit “see all courses” and  look for the February Weekender workshops if interested. But they close tonight (Thursday). 

I just got done recording both of them over the last two weeks and honestly I think both of them are good ones.



Controlling Fear of Failure

Fear cripples every writer, without exception, at one point or another. And the root of that fear almost always is fear of failure.

Early examples of these fears are fear of writing because you might fail or fear of finishing because they you will have to show it to someone and it might fail. Those two fears alone stop 95% of all want-to-be writers.

But how does fear impact you once you are writing and publishing? It manifests differently for all of us, but always has the same root fear of failure.

This weekend workshop helps identify the major fear of failure areas you have and then gives you techniques and methods to kill the fear or deal with it so you can keep writing and producing fiction.

Fear also leaches out all the fun from writing and this weekend workshop will help you get that joy and excitement back into your fiction writing.

We are calling this workshop “Controlling Fear of Failure” because that fear will always remain with all of us in different forms. How we control the fear instead of letting the fear control us is the key to success in our writing.

If you realize you have a fear of failure with your writing in one place or another, this workshop will help you learn how to control and contain that fear.


How to Study and Practice in Fiction (A Study Plan)

We all think we all can write because some teacher in school told us we could. But being able to type lovely words and being able to relay a story to readers that is entertaining are two different things.

The quickest way to learn how to be a better storyteller is to study other writers.

And how to do it?

And when and how much?

And why are we using the swear word “practice” in the title?

This weekend-long workshop will give you a study plan, a way to help yourself become a better storyteller by studying and practicing. You will learn techniques for study and for practice that you can use for years into the future.

A step-by-step guide that will make studying and practice fun in your fiction writing.

And it will make your writing profitable if you do it right. (Yes, practice in fiction writing can and should make you a lot of money.)