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Writers at the Ball Park

Great Fun on a Great Afternoon..

Kris and I and Lisa Collins headed for the Royals/Rockies pre-season game here in Vegas. The park is fantastic, we had good seats, and my eyes are better enough that I could actually track balls after they were hit, which was a worry of mine going. Made the afternoon a lot more fun, let me tell you.

Kris did a great post about the afternoon on Facebook. I just wanted to put the picture here of what it looks like when two New York Times bestselling writers go to a baseball game. It looks exactly like any two people. (grin)



  • Deb

    Love it! Wish I’d been there, as those are my two homey teams. 🙂 Also wish they were contenders instead of bottom of the league. 🙁

  • Philip

    It’s 28 degrees today in Philadelphia so I’m quite jealous. However, my Phillies are teed up for a great season. Great pic!

      • Mark Kuhn

        Oh, absolutely! Beer and a hot dog is the first inning. The peanuts and Coke are usually about the fifth inning.

        • dwsmith

          With the new timing clock, you might not have time. Game really moves now. I like it although a couple times I looked away at something else and missed some plays.