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Las Vegas News Is Like No Other…

Sure, we get all the political stuff, and last week almost every page of the paper and news channels were covered by pictures and articles about the Golden Nights. Of course.

But the CBS station has an investigative news unit working all the time on Area 51 stories and alien stories, among other strange things like bodies being found in Lake Mead as the water went down. We watch the news of that channel every night for not only the weather, but head-shaking stories like aliens spotted in a backyard. Not kidding.

And now tonight, the NBC major channel ran a wild story. It seems that outside of Vegas, a company has bought hundreds and hundreds of acres of land and is building the Las Vegas Spaceport. And the Securities and Exchange Commission has given the new company permission to sell stock on the venture.

It will, of course, have a hotel and casino and training facilities for those who are headed into space. They are building it for space planes. They are planning to have the major runway done in four years. The company really believes that space planes will be taking off for space regularly inside the next ten years. And they are putting a billion or more on that belief.

After watching impossible things get built in this town in the last few years like Allegiant Stadium and the MSG Sphere, nothing is going to surprise me about Vegas. Even a space port.

And Kris and I visited today (my second time, Kris’s first) Pinkbox Doughnuts. It is an experience. They have even more licensed product than I thought they had. Wow.

Here is a picture for those of you not living in Nevada. The one that just opened downtown near us is much, much bigger than the one in this picture. And they are open seven days a week from 6 am to 2 am. And even worse, the doughnuts are all stunningly good.


  • James Palmer

    Wow. It would not do me any good at all to live anywhere near that place. I can resist the casinos all day long with no problem, but a good donut is hard to pass up.

  • C.E. Petit

    That’s a deceptive picture.

    That many donuts means there must be at least one cop in the picture.

    That much sugar means there must be at least one sugar-is-evil-for-everyone-else-(mind-if-I-smoke?) activist in the picture. (And meanwhile, up here in the Pacific Northwet, there’s a supply-chain-related sugar shortage due to berry-canning season…)

    Those hours indicate there will be at least one inspector from the Office of the Labor Commissioner checking to ensure that overtime is actually getting paid.