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Four New Pop-Up Classes Available

Pop-Ups #80, 81, 82,& 83 All Live!

And yes, they have been added to the Lifetime Pop-Up Subscription which is also in the Everything Subscription.

These were the four stretch goal workshops for the Pulphouse Fiction Magazine Kickstarter. I hoped to have them out in April as we promised, but got behind because of my eye. So they went out to all the supporters tonight. If you did not get the update in the mail, check the Update #13 in the campaign.

The Pop-Ups that were stretch goals for the Fantasy Collides Kickstarter will be following in a number of days. I will announce those here as well.

Here are the four that are now live.

  • Pop-Up #80… Big Ideas into Short Stories
  • Pop-Up #81… Small Ideas into Short Stories
  • Pop-Up #82… Change Setting to Change Stories
  • Pop-Up #83… Same Idea in Multiple Genres

And yes, there are that many Pop-Up classes on a ton of topics. Lifetime Subscription to all of them is the way to go because a bunch more are coming.


  • Aniket Gore

    Hi Dean,

    Thanks for these. I recall you talked about doing some popups for dialogues. I don’t recall where I saw those, but you mentioned you’d publish them. Are you planning to publish them some time in future?