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In-Person Workshops

Firing Up!!!

Sent out all the reading list and hotel information for the Fantasy Caper In-Person Workshop starting on January 9th and ending on January 12th. Everything is on the Study Along class on Teachable. So if you are thinking of doing the Study Along, the reading list is there.

If you are attending in person, the hotel information is there as well. First assignment will be sent out two weeks ahead of the start date of the workshop.

And there are two spots open in the Fantasy Caper In-Person class. Write me directly if interested or have questions. If you are attending and did not get my letter today, write me as well.

Here is the list for the In-Person workshops for the next year-plus. Each one has a Study Along class and will have, when I get to putting them up on Teachable, a novella special afterwards.

The cost is $750 for the class and you must pay when you sign up.

You pay your own travel and food. It is held at the brand new Resorts World and we have discount codes for the days of the class.You fly in Sunday, class starts early Monday morning. Class ends by 11 am on Thursday, so you can fly out on Thursday. These are intense writing and craft workshops. They are limited to 15 writers. Write me if interested.

Here are the seven upcoming In-Person (and Study Along) workshops and how many spots left open in each.

FANTASY CAPER January 9-12… 2 spots open

TIME TRAVEL ROMANCE March 6-9… (many openings)

ROMANTIC SUSPENSE MAY15-18…. 7 spots open

FANTASY THRILLER July 17-20… 3 spots open

ROMANCE GHOSTS September 18-21… (many openings)

TIME TRAVEL MYSTERY November 6-9… (many openings)

SCIENCE FICTION MYSTERY January 8-11, 2024… 6 spots open

Again, these are limited to 15 spots and a number of these are close to filling, so don’t wait too long.