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A Magical Evening


Every year since we moved to Vegas, Kris and I go out and do a 5K (run… mostly walk) for charity. They want everyone dressed in their PJs, and kids and dogs are welcome. Seeing entire families dressed in matching pajamas and having fun is wonderful to watch.

This year I am guessing over three thousand people showed up. What makes this so special is that sponsors from all over the city decorate under the grandstands, around the back of the track and back up, about 2 miles of nothing but Christmas lights. And the normal way to see the lights is by car, but to kick off the things, they run a 5K (almost all walkers) through the lights.

As Kris said at one point… “This is magical.”

She was right. Families out having fun, holiday lights, and a beautiful evening. Magical by any standard.

So here are a few pictures from tonight. We ran the first quarter mile down a wide road before it turned up to the speedway, then walked the rest of the way, stopping to take pictures and at one point just enjoy the stunning sight over the entire city, Can’t think of a better way every year to start off the season. We all need a little magic.




  • Mark Kuhn

    These are awesome pictures! Especially that last one. Reminds me of times past when lights were strung overhead across some of the main shopping roads in New Jersey. Union City and West New York, to be exact, if anyone reading this is from my former neck of the woods. Good times.