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Another Fun Day

Saw Alan Cumming’s Show Tonight…

Amazingly fun. Do not take children to it. He talked about aging, death, body parts, sex, and love, among other things. Great stories and funny as all get out. Plus the music and songs were stunning.

Really tough life living here in Vegas.

Plus today I got six miles of exercise, kept my calories to 1,100 calories so far. And burned 2,800 calories of energy. Tomorrow my goal is to empty a storage unit of about 40 boxes of books and move them into a different storage unit. Plus five miles exercise and low calories intake.

A bit of business…

Those in the January in-person workshop FANTASY CAPER or in the Study Along, stay posted for a letter from me. The “Reading List” will be posted, plus the hotel information for those attending.

Hotel is Resorts World (brand new) and you need a code to get a good deal.

Room for two more to jump into the in-person in January and always room in the study along. Basic information at under In-Person Workshops.

Information going out shortly. So if you don’t get it yet, don’t panic. I’m slow these days.


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