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I Was Bad…

Went Out for a Long Walk…

To get my exercise, my five miles per day (which I did thank you very much). Very busy Saturday night with a big parade on the Strip for the Golden Knights. What a party.

But downtown was pumping as well and as I was trying to go around the Fremont Street Experience, what did I happen across but an evil place with a large round door. The brand new PinkBox Doughnut Shop on Main Street, right where the Fremont Experience ends.

Oh, oh…

Now this chain has five or six stores here in Las Vegas and plans for others in towns in the West. It started here in 2012 and expanded around the valley. Since we moved here I have heard of this mythical place, never seen one.

Until tonight.

So braving the crowds, I entered the pink box of the store to the sight of about a billion doughnuts. I waited in the 15 minute line to ask if they had vegan doughnuts (for Kris) and they had a large selection of them. (It is Vegas, after all.) So I got her a pink box full and a pink box for me and managed to not get mugged by hungry drunks on the ten block walk home.

Yes, I had one and they really are as good as the reputation says. Oh, my…

And something interesting on the topic of the last week. All over their walls and on shelves and the counters were different products. All with the Pinkbox logo, most of them pink. T-shirts, sweatshirts, mugs, glasses, toys, you name it… This company has only been in business for just over 10 years here in Vegas. They clearly understand product and tourists.

Now that my eyes are really open after this last week, all I seem to see is product as well.

I will not have another doughnut until tomorrow. Maybe part of a bear claw, but not a doughnut.

If you are coming to Vegas, make a Pinkbox your first stop when you hit town. You will not be sorry.

My problem is that they are an easy walk from our condo.


  • Kate Pavelle

    LOL, Dean! I’m so glad I’m not the only one who is, on occassion, “bad.” Enjoy the donuts, and I’ll make sure to try them when I’m in Vegas next.
    Also, think of them as your Happy Father’s Day treat.
    Now, before you cringe and wave your hands, hear me out.
    You’re the WFF. Not the World Fighting Federation, but the Writery Father Figure. You can be a WFF to people older than yourself, so again…no need to cringe and do an awkward hand-wave.
    (See? Now you have that Old Man Cat smile, ain’t that so much better?)
    We don’t call our books our “babies,” they’re not nearly special enough. If you did that, you’d be fecund somwhere on a rodent level. But you surely know of a writer or two whom you helped usher into the writing world, and who actually stuck around and became something. That’s a valuable thing, and that’s what we celebrate today.
    So enjoy your donuts, and your walks, and writing new words. Enjoy knowing that you make a difference in a substantial way. So many of us have a family of choice. Either our parents died young, or they never quite got what we were about, but here we are and we’re doing well because there’s more than one way to have a family, and more than one way to be a WFF. Heck, even Odin…nah, not going there 😁

    • dwsmith

      Thanks, Kate.I pay no attention to father’s day (or mother’s day for that matter) because those holidays are for the people who have parents that care about them and treat them well. My parents are long dead and honestly not worth celebrating when alive, sad as that may be. These two holidays forget about those of us who had abusive or absent parents. I don’t begrudge others for celebrating them, just wish like hell it wasn’t so in the face all the time.

    • dwsmith

      Considering that 11 years ago they started with a few doughnuts and no products and now have five stores, more selection than I would want to think about, yes, it is magic and worked just like a real magic bakery except that when we license a product, our products magically remain where they have to constantly bake new product.