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New Business Computer…

Oh, Joy…

This computer was giving me signs it was on its last legs.

So I got a brand new iMac and a brand new second screen. Both still in their boxes. Wow are they cheaper than MacPlus laptops. Wow!

Now comes that hard part… cleaning up my office. One old computer that I actually have not turned on in a year is already out of the office and staged to go to storage along with an empty file cabinet I just don’t see myself using.

I am finding sticky notes that I am sure I wrote in the last century, but that is not possible since I have only been in this office for two years.

This computer and its second screen will move to my right and remain active. New computer and new second screen will take this one’s spot. A third computer that is actually much older (but I use it for small covers for Teachable) has moved to the back of the room with my writing computer and its second screen. I actually will use that third computer about once every two months or so. Got a hunch it won’t be long until it heads to the storage unit as well.

So by tomorrow, I hope, this office will have two business computers with second screens, a writing computer with a second screen, and an old covers computer.

I also hope the office will have a ton fewer yellow sticky notes that make no sense and a lot less dust. Wish me luck.

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