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Holiday Workshop Also Starting


The December session is starting. The only way to sign up for this workshop was back when we did the Kickstarter for the fantastic Holiday Spectacular. Everyone who signed up for the three-week workshop should have gotten an email from me with codes.

You can’t get into that workshop if you are not already signed up, but you can still get into the Holiday Spectacular to have a story delivered every day if you want. Not only do you get all the 30 stories or so that are still coming over this entire month, but you get the ones that are already up.

So jump on board. 35 Holiday Stories, one per day delivered to the device of your choice until January 1st. Great fiction, great holiday celebration. As one person wrote me and said, “It’s a wonderful fiction advent calendar.” Yup. Only no religion, just all kinds of different holiday stories.

WMG Holiday Spectacular 2019


  • Mary McKenna

    You know, after listening to the first lecture, I think it would be fun to write a calendar’s worth of stories, using big holidays, little holidays and the ridiculous ones. It would take me a few years, but I like the idea.

    Also, the bookfunnel link wasn’t there when I watched the assignment.