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Driving All Over Town…

And In A Town Like Vegas…

That means hours of driving, which is what I did today. From 1 pm until 6 pm. Lots of reasons for it, but wow, five hours of driving in city traffic (with a break for grocery shopping) is nuts. In that same amount of time I could have been in downtown LA from here.

Tomorrow, not as bad, but I have to pick up the packets (including t-shirts) for two 5k runs we are doing on Saturday. In different places. Thankfully they are on the same general side of town.

One run is early in the morning on Saturday, for a great charity, and the run is timed, so like last week, I will give it a push even though I am too heavy still. Donny Osmond is there and supporting the charity as well.

The second 5k of the day is a fun Zombie run and if I am too beat up from the morning run, I will walk the mile. But chances are I will run the 5K, even though it is not timed.

Just hoping that not too many days in the future are like today for driving. Just silliness. And very tiring.