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Great First Day of the Subscription Drive

Got Some Great Questions…

And a bunch of people got in under the 24 hours to get a free book of Kris’s called Spree. Thank you everyone for the support on our It is wonderful how Fiction River is going strong and with some fantastic writers. And we hit twelve issues since our last subscription drive, right on target and pace.


I got some questions about the webinar that Kris and I will do for a reward on Kickstarter. It will only be offered on this subscription drive and is general publishing and writing questions.

In other words, those of you who sign up for it set the topic by asking the questions. We don’t expect too many people to take that reward, so it might just be me and Kris talking for hours with five to ten writers. That would be great fun.

We have been thinking about this webinar idea since we did them for the pop-up workshops and I enjoyed them. Kris watched and thinks she would as well. So this subscription drive reward is what we thought we would try and offer it wide.

I personally think the answer format really worked and writers tended to enjoy them, watching me yammer on for an hour or so.


Someone today asked me on past experience at what level I thought this would get to this time. Honestly, even though we went all the way to $50,000 with stretch goals and are willing to give away to all supporters 25 different books and force Kris to finally publish that book she has been sitting on for a long time, I think the book is safe in her files.

But you never know with these things.

I hope that we get to where we will open up a volume for an open call to writers. That is above two years ago by just a touch, so no telling there.

But how far do I think it will go? Not a clue. I just want it to fund. (grin)


I got a question about the extra classic workshop with each workshop reward through the . Yes, it is not listed on the kickstarter rewards. Too tough to explain. But the answer is you get your choice of any classic workshop (value $150 to go along with the Regular workshop you get for $250 (normal value $300.)

–And you can use the workshop credits any time in the future.

–And transfer them to someone else if you want to help another writer out.


Those are the great questions I got on this first day. And I hoped you liked the short video as much as I did. I love that gray cat.

Again, thank you for the support of Fiction River, folks. It is a project close to Kris and my hearts.