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Live Question Sessions with Me and Kris

It’s A Reward On Kickstarter

Actually three sessions. One session with me, one with Kris, and one with both of us answering questions about writing and publishing. It’s at the new  at the $300 level.

All kinds of cool stuff this year in our third  in six years. (We do one every two years.)

And as I said in the last post, you can get a ton of extra books (up to 25 books) if this goes as high as the past, and if it goes a little higher than the past drive, we will do an open call for one or two volumes of Fiction River, something Kris and I swore we would never do. (grin)

Yes, I said open call.

But we aren’t doing it unless this subscription drive beats the last one two years ago by $5,000. So it is possible. So writers, pass the word about this one.

And if you want to join the Live Questions Sessions with me and Kris and get some workshops, just add $250 for each workshop to the Live Questions Webinar Reward. We will contact you after it is over to figure out what you wanted exactly.

And this one-time question three-part webinar will not be in any subscription. Only for Kickstarter supporters.

Here is the nifty video and a link directly.