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We Made It! In Less Than Three Days!!

Flashed Past Our Kickstarter Goal…

Needless to say, our is going great since we hit our goal in less than three days.

So up next we have some amazing stretch goals, including a lot of books. In fact, if it goes all the way to the top nosebleed levels, everyone supporting will get 25 different books as bonus, not counting whatever each person signed up for and the Fiction River subscriptions.

And along the way we will open up submissions to a couple Fiction River volumes as well, the first time in six years. So get friends to jump into this one just for the extra books and incredible volumes of Fiction River.

We have some fantastic deals on workshops as well in the Fiction River subscription drive.

Remember, if you sign up for workshop credits on the subscription drive, you also get a free classic workshop for each workshop you sign up for. That is extra and only announced here.