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    Heads-Up Writers

    Those of You Who Backed the Fiction River Kickstarter… …and took a reward where you also get a chance to write for a volume. I will be contacting each of you this week. Everyone will start writing on Sunday evening (February 3rd) for a Fiction River anthology idea. I will send you the rules and guidelines on Sunday, don’t worry. You will have one week exactly to finish the story, with the deadline being midnight, February 10th. If you took two rewards, your second story will start on February 10th (again, I will send you the rules and guidelines) and you have one week. If you are one of the…

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    Twelve Hours Left on the Subscription Drive

    We Hit the Sixth Stretch Goal… Lots of extra books to every supporter. This subscription drive has until 4 p.m. West Coast Time Monday (TODAY!). And then it will be all done and I will go back to reporting on my challenge and stirring up trouble. (grin) Give it a look if you haven’t so far. It has some pretty nifty awards and other things. Click Here. For example, we have an award where you get two writing books, a lecture, a subscription, and a chance to submit a story if you want to a volume of Fiction River in February. Here are the details for one last time. Pledge…

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    24 Hours To Go

    Fiction River Subscription Drive Kickstarter… A nifty award that also allows you to send a story to try to be in a Fiction River volume, fantastic discounts on workshops (remember, with every regular workshop credit through the Kickstarter, you get a free Classic Workshop credit as well.) And if you want to see what Fiction River is all about, and all the nifty volumes that have already been done, go to FictionRiver.com and click on previous volumes. It’s a stunner. Don’t miss out on this one.

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    One Week of the Fiction River Subscription Drive

    Doing Great!! We have, in less than one week, hit our goal and also hit the first stretch reward where everyone gets an extra copy of Fiction River on their subscription. Next stretch goals have everyone getting all sorts of cool books. In fact, there is all kinds of cool stuff this year in our third  in six years. (We do one every two years.) You can get a ton of extra books (up to 25 books) if this goes as high as the past, and if it goes a little higher than the past drive, we will do an open call for one or two volumes of Fiction River, something…

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    Great First Day of the Subscription Drive

    Got Some Great Questions… And a bunch of people got in under the 24 hours to get a free book of Kris’s called Spree. Thank you everyone for the support on our It is wonderful how Fiction River is going strong and with some fantastic writers. And we hit twelve issues since our last subscription drive, right on target and pace. —- I got some questions about the webinar that Kris and I will do for a reward on Kickstarter. It will only be offered on this subscription drive and is general publishing and writing questions. In other words, those of you who sign up for it set the topic…

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    Fiction River Kickstarter Subscription Drive

    Now Live!! All kinds of cool stuff this year in our third  in six years. (We do one every two years.) You can get a ton of extra books (up to 25 books) if this goes as high as the past, and if it goes a little higher than the past drive, we will do an open call for one or two volumes of Fiction River, something Kris and I swore we would never do. (grin) Yes, I said open call. But we aren’t doing it unless this subscription drive beats the last one two years ago by $5,000. So it is possible. So writers, pass the word about this one.…

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    Cover For 4th Stretch Goal Book

    Just Two Days Left… Counting down. We hit the fourth stretch goal and going into the final stretch. Thank you everyone for the support. Below is the cover for the book everyone who supports the kickstarter will get. That’s three books, an Issue Zero, and an extra issue everyone will get plus the reward you sign up for. Also, if you take a workshop reward, you will also get a free Classic Workshop with each regular workshop. And just today on Teachable.com we have up a new classic workshop. “Plotting with Depth.” Take a look at all the lectures and classic workshops at: http://wmg-publishing-workshops-and-lectures.teachable.com/ That’s seven classic workshops we have…

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    Fantastic New Bundle of Bundles

    SF&F BINGE READERS BUNDLE… Storybundle.com has done something special. It has put together a group of bundles in a bundle. And kept the price at normal levels. Since I am writing a Thunder Mountain novel right now, it is great luck that in this bundle is a bundle of my first three Thunder Mountain novels. You want to know the world I am writing in now, grab this. And you’ll also get some other amazing books. Including a bundle of three different Fiction River fantasy volumes. If you haven’t sampled the amazing work and writers in Fiction River, this would be a good place to do it. That alone is…

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    Fun Video

    Fun Video Kris is doing some really fun videos to show all the varied Fiction River volumes and some of the authors. I will put a few up here over the next few weeks to keep the attention on Fiction River and our subscription drive, which is doing fantastic. Thanks, everyone!! And if you haven’t watched the video on the Kickstarter page, do so to see how Kris and I have aged over the last four years. (grin) Last Days on a Great Bundle!! Just two days left. Click on the image on the left to go directly to the bundle. Don’t miss this one. Less Than One Week September…