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Going to Try For Sleep

Got a 5K Run Early…

So got my story done early, going to rest for a bit and go to bed a couple hours early. Still won’t get a full night’s sleep, but will help.

The course tomorrow has a pretty good hill on it, but I am still going to try to break 40 minutes. Now my fastest is 31:19, but won’t get close to that since that was two years ago and I was five pounds lighter and it was a flat course. So 40 minutes is my goal. I know, for you runners, that’s slow, but I’m old, and if I do that I should win my age group again. No awards this time, but I will know if I win my age group or not. A fun goal.

Novella I finished last night is already done through WMG and to Jason for the book bundle starting next week. That might be the fastest turn-in to publication in WMG history. Great job, everyone. Wow.

And part of the March regular workshops are live. Fun stuff. A couple more coming tomorrow and then I will do April’s workshops.



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  • Michèle+Laframboise

    Dean, your fastest time is better than mine. I ran my 5k in about 37 minutes yesterday.
    There’s lots of invisible ice or melted snow on my path in Mississauga, ON, so I have to look where I put my feet.
    I miss the Las Vegas dry climate! Have a good run!