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Didn’t Run… Slept!

Kris and I Both Slept In…

We figured we needed the sleep more than we needed the three miles. And boy were we right.  And I took another hour plus nap later before finally feeling rested.

Don’t buy any workshops tonight or in the morning until I give the go-ahead. We have decided to do a Mid-Winter sale. (Actually the code will be MidWinter to get half price.) That said, when the sale starts, I do have all the March workshops up, including the new one SECRETS IN CRAFT. It is a craft workshop talking about the secrets of writing better fiction. Might be one of the best craft workshops we do.

And yes, for you lifetime subscribers, it is in the subscription already and will start on March 1st.

Also I got the Novella Great Challenge up and available as well. Again, don’t grab it until the sale starts later on Sunday.

And one more detail. The Master Business Class will not be available in the sale.

Talking about workshops, it is going to take me at least two more weeks, maybe three, to get all of the Pop-Ups done and up from the last Kickstarter. I am working on them and will post them all at once when I get all ten done. Everyone who backed the campaign will get nine of the ten.

I will also get April workshops up and ready by the end of the week. Since the sale will last for ten days, those will be available during the sale as well.

And yes, more stories will be headed for Patreon. I have hit every night so far and Kris wants me to send to Queen the story I did last night. But 43 stories so far. On cruise now I hope.

And the story I did tonight was a Marble Grant story titled “No Firing Squad Yet.” A few of you might even figure out what it is about from that title. Night.



    • dwsmith

      Yeah, it’s a good one. Tearing apart the craft myths and finding the nuggets of truth in them and how to go forward with the learning in craft. Going to be great fun.

  • Cheryl

    Guess there comes a time whe the body becomes the Enforcer. Like, you *are* going to listen to me.

    Like the way it’s carping at me, ‘You’re not doing enough walking. *Move*.

    PS: Another round of applause for Motivatinal Mondays. They keep getting better.

  • Jim

    Is The Business Master Class listed as one course on Teachable? If so, what is it listed as. I found Business Attitude and Economics of Scale as individual classes under the business tag.

    • dwsmith

      It will be listed there after the sale is finished. Right now it is not there. But it has 13 plus classes in it at the moment, with a new one coming in a week. Individual parts are all listed still but the overall Master Business Class will come back after the sale is finished in ten days. It is the best deal, actually.