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Fun New Kickstarter!!

The Year of the Cat…

That’s right, Kristine Kathryn Rusch and I are editing a huge new project called The Year of the Cat, with 100 cat stories spread over 12 monthly anthologies.

Lots of writers will have stories in these volumes, the first one of which is coming out in May.

Here is the video to show you what we are doing.

Here is the link to the Kickstarter…

And below are the first few covers of the monthly anthologies.

This Kickstarter has some really fun stuff. And for writers, a bunch cool things as well, including a special How to Write a Cat Story workshop like we did with the Pulphouse and Holiday Spectacular Kickstarters. Three weeks, only offered through the Kickstarter.

And it has a very, very special year long study of short stories. In essence, Kris and I will put up at least one video per story talking about why the story works, craft details in the story, and so on, for every story we publish in The Year of the Cat.

Two professional writers and editors talking about the craft of every story they buy for the 12 monthly anthologies every month. A learning gold mine. You can get that through the Kickstarter or on Teachable directly. It will be on Teachable later tonight to sign up directly there.

Plus we have discounts on workshops like we normally do and some fun stretch rewards for readers and writers. And if we get to the next stretch reward above what we have listed, writers and readers will get some really amazing stuff.

Plus you get 100 cat stories. 8 or 9 per month. And a big book of all 100 at the end. How much fun is that?

And who knows, along the way you might even see some cat videos of those at WMG and friends with cats just for fun.

Check it out on Kickstarter.


  • Denise Gaskins

    What a fun Kickstarter!

    Checking my understanding of the rewards: The Year of the Cat Study Course includes the twelve monthly ebooks, right? Does it also include the whole-series ebook omnibus at the end?

    • dwsmith

      Yes, it does. Either way, either through Teachable or through the Kickstarter.

      It is going to be a fun one, that’s for sure.

      • Denise Gaskins

        Another question: Those who get the “Writing a Cat Story” class will have the videos to watch later in Teachable, right? Both of the scheduled workshops conflict with my daughter’s busy college semester, but I think she’d enjoy them later.

        How much overlap will there be between that workshop and the story discussions in the year-long series?

        • dwsmith

          Denise, yes, for those signed up, they remain on Teachable just like any other workshop, so you can watch them later, no issue. I suppose in general there would be overlap, but nothing structured at all that I can imagine. Doing both would be a massive learning curve for all stories you are writing, to be honest. The year-long will be talking about the craft of each story. Why a story worked. It won’t be structured like the workshop on how to write an exact story.

        • dwsmith

          Denise, if you are thinking of doing both, you might want to sign up for the year long class on Teachable while the Kickstarter is going, then sign up for the How to Write a Cat Story workshop on Kickstarter. That way you get double the stretch rewards if we get to them. But got to sign up on Teachable while the Kickstarter is running to get that.

          • Denise Gaskins

            Is there an advantage in purchasing them separately, one through Teachable and the other through the Kickstarter? I just figured on getting them both through the Kickstarter campaign. (If my daughter agrees.)

            She enjoyed the Depth workshop, but I’ve had trouble tempting her to do more while college homework looms. But like all writers, she loves cats! I think this sounds like a great course of study for her upcoming gap year, so all I have to do is convince her of that….

          • dwsmith

            Yes, for the time of the Kickstarter, there is an advantage to do them separately. Get the Year of the Cat 100 story class on Teachable, get the How to Write a Cat story on the Kickstarter (the only place to get it). If you do that, you get double the stretch goals that we hit. So if we hit the lecture and classic workshop stretch goals, you would get one for the workshop and one for the class on Teachable.

            In other words, during the time of the Kickstarter, we are honoring the stretch rewards for anyone signing up on Teachable for the Year of the Cat class of 100 stories.

            So if we did hit the stretch rewards we have listed, you would get two lectures and two classics, worth $400 for signing up in both places vs $200 in extra workshops for signing up with both on Kickstarter.