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New Videos Up

On A Bunch of Stuff…

I have posted new videos on the Shared World Class and the first quarter of the Decade Ahead Class. In the next few days I will do more videos for the Licensing Transition Class as well.

I also put up another weekly video on the Great Publishing Challenge and on the Great Novel Challenge. On the publishing challenge, I am doing a weekly video about my publishing progress. There are very few signed up for that challenge, but even if you sign up later on, my videos will be there.

I will be doing the videos all year since the challenge to myself is to publish 36 books this year, three times the challenge.

On the Great Novel Challenge I am posting videos about my novel writing progress every week. Even if you have missed on the novel challenge, you can still watch the weekly videos there. I have a lot of writing to do so those videos might get interesting at times. Dull at other times. (grin)


February is only a few days away and speaking of challenges, now would be a great time to jump on one of the three. A short story per week, a novel every two months, or a book published every month.

Three different challenges and the beginning of the month is a great time to jump in.