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Challenge Question

Seems I Confused An Issue…

No surprise, huh? (grin)

On the three Challenges that we run on Teachable, the Great Publishing Challenge, the Great Challenge (for short stories), and the Great Novel Challenge, you can start at any time.

That’s why I suggested that starting the first of February would be a good way of going in the challenges. That way you go from February to February to get the Lifetime Subscription, or if nothing else, get your year off to a great start.

You can sign up at any time on the challenges. Then when you are ready to start, just tell me you are starting.

Second question I haven’t answered out in the open about the challenges. Yes, you can do more than one at a time. Actually the Great Novel Writing Challenge and the Great Publishing Challenge go hand-in-hand very nicely.

Here is what they are:

GREAT PUBLISHING CHALLENGE… Publish either a novel, a novella, a collection or an omnibus every month for 12 months. You do not have to send me the book, just send me the link to it when you publish it, but you have to do one per month, not average twelve. One per month. Takes some publishing planning like a real publisher.

GREAT NOVEL CHALLENGE… Write a novel of 30,000 words or more every two months and send it to me electronic format in that two months. Then as soon as you can, send me a paper version of the book. I am not a first reader. Just an interested reader is all. I will make no comments. The point is to write and publish six novels in a year.

GREAT CHALLENGE… Write and send me a short story every week. These I do read, usually in batches, but not with critical comments, just as a reader.

If you fall off a challenge, you get your $600 back in workshop credit, so no lose situation. If you make the full year, you get a lifetime subscription of your choice.

All fun and designed to help you get focused and writing and publishing.

More questions, feel free to write me.

Sign up on Teachable.


    • dwsmith

      Finn, oh, heavens, no. A book is a book, as long as it is either a novel, a collection, a novella, or an omnibus, language doesn’t matter what language it is in. I just need a link to where it is for sale is all.