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Fun Interview

Robert Jeschonek Interviewed Me…

A fun and short discussion with Robert about different things science fiction and 1970s, because he’s doing that SPACE: 1975 Kickstarter Campaign. When we recorded it, it was about 60% funded, but now the campaign has made the funding and first stretch goal and is doing great. I am excited because I get to write a story for it.

The interview happened when I was in the worst of the allergies from the smoke and I wore big headphones, so I looked a little more beat-up than normal. (grin) But it was fun. And since I sold my first couple of short stories in 1974, I know the period of science fiction really well.

Link to the interview is…

Plus last night Robert announced a special workshop that Kris and I suggested he include that we would do. It’s a three-week workshop that is only available through the campaign. Here are the details about it:


“How to Write Historically-Focused Science Fiction,” taught by Dean Wesley Smith and Kristine Kathryn Rusch!

Science fiction writers often mine the richness of history to create stories, and this special 3-week workshop will teach you how. PLUS, for the third assignment, you get to write a story for possible use in the SPACE: 1975 book!

In SPACE: 1975, writers take the events, mood, clothing, and culture of the 1970s and spin off science fiction stories, creating a fantastic historically-focused anthology. In this special workshop, Dean and Kris will show you how to take an event, a time period, a mood out of history, and turn it into a great story. For example, Kris took the fear and worry of Apollo 8 going around the moon and turned it into the award-winning alternate history tale “Recovering Apollo 8.”

This workshop is offered only through this Kickstarter campaign. You can choose to take it starting October 6 or November 10, 2020. DON’T MISS THIS ONE!


So if you got twenty or so minutes to kill, take a look at the interview Robert did with me. And back the campaign. It’s going to be an amazing book.