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Really Fun Special Workshop

And Only FOUR Days to Get It!!!

Robert Jeschonek is doing a really fun Kickstarter campaign where he has a bunch of us writing stories for this 1975 themed science fiction anthology. It is called SPACE: 1975. Check it out! Only four days left. Ends on Tuesday.

So Kris and I got talking about how many different things and techniques we had to learn to actually write or something like this in science fiction, and it occurred to us that writing to topic, especially historical topics, in science fiction, had a lot of tricks, techniques, and methods that writers could learn from. Kris and I learned them over hundreds of invites into special anthologies through Tekno Books, back in the day.

So a special three-week workshop is a perfect way to let us help writers not go through all the trial and error we went through. And I suggested it to Robert, to add to his campaign, and he loved it.

So he has now added it as a special new reward right at the end. Only four days to grab this. It is $150 reward and like all the special workshops we do with Kickstarter, this will be the only place to ever get it.

And writing a story for the third assignment, Robert will read all of them and maybe, if a story fits and he wants it for the anthology, will make you a professional rate offer. And you can be in a table of contents with me, Peter David, Craig Martelle, William H. Keith, Cat Rambo, Mike Baron, Loren Coleman, Ron Collins, Mark Leslie, Annie Reed, and more. Maybe you, if you jump into this workshop.

So here is the reward description:


“How to Write Historically-Focused Science Fiction,” taught by Dean Wesley Smith and Kristine Kathryn Rusch!

Science fiction writers often mine the richness of history to create stories, and this special 3-week workshop will teach you how. PLUS, for the third assignment, you get to write a story for possible use in the SPACE: 1975 book!

In SPACE: 1975, writers take the events, mood, clothing, and culture of the 1970s and spin off science fiction stories, creating a fantastic historically-focused anthology. In this special workshop, Dean and Kris will show you how to take an event, a time period, a mood out of history, and turn it into a great story. For example, Kris took the fear and worry of Apollo 8 going around the moon and turned it into the award-winning alternate history tale “Recovering Apollo 8.”

This workshop is offered only through this Kickstarter campaign. You can choose to take it starting October 6 or November 10, 2020. DON’T MISS THIS ONE!


So don’t miss this fantastic workshop. Great fun!! Kris and I are excited about it, actually. Excited to save writers all the pain of trial and error to discover all these techniques that make fantastic science fiction, based out of details in history. And this late in time, there may be only ten people grab this. So almost private lessons. (grin)

Space: 1975 link…