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Going For Exercise

But Still Too Hot…

In a few short hours from now I will be driving out toward Summerlin, with the sun not yet up, to join a running group. I will be mostly walking.

And it is all set up Covid safe.

I signed up for this group that meets every Sunday morning until December, so even though it will be 84 at sunrise, I’m going to show up. This is a training group for marathon running and they set up a 12 mile course every week. I am hoping to do four miles tomorrow morning. Again, more walking than running, and be home before the temperatures get into the high eighties.

I have managed to get up every morning this past week at 7 am and go outside to walk (a little bit of running). But tomorrow and then on the 1st this all ramps up.

So a short blog tonight because all week I have gotten very little sleep until last night, so tonight I’m going to sleep shortly and work on getting six hours. That would be heaven.


UPDATE: 9 AM. I actually made it out of bed a little after 5 am and pulled into the parking lot where the group was meeting just at 6 am. Sun not up, temperature comfortable. We started off in groups of five fifteen minutes later. About forty people there I would say. No one, not one, said they were going the full 12 miles. A couple signed in that they were going six, most of us signed in from two to four. I said four miles because there was an aide station at the two-mile mark (four mile turn-around.)

Half the group did less than that.

Very hilly. I managed to run about two miles of the four miles. Felt it was a good start. Getting hot when I finished, so glad I didn’t try for any more than that this week.