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Four Challenges Now

They Are Designed to Help and Be Fun…

On WMG Teachable, you can find four challenges now.

The Great Challenge… Write one short story a week for one year.

The Novel Challenge… Write one new novel over 30,000 words every two months for one year.

The Novella Challenge… Write one novella (15,000 to 30,000) words per month for one year.

The Publishing Challenge… Publish one new major project per month for one year. (Novel, novella, collection, or omnibus all count.)

The cost is $600 to buy in ($300 during the sale this next week).

You start at any time, but once you start, the clock is ticking.

If you miss, you get $600 in credit on WMG Teachable for anything except another challenge.

If you fulfill the details of each challenge, you get a lifetime subscription of your choice on WMG Teachable.

This is a win/win thing. You get more work done, I am your deadline.

I do not read the books unless it strikes me as something I want to read when I get the paper editions. I will never comment. I am just the deadline.

But even if you make it a number of months, you get your money in credit and you have stories done. Win/win.

And if you already have all three lifetime subscriptions, we can work something out if you make it again. And yes, you can do the same challenge more than once.

Super fun. And challenging.

And remember, for the next week, everything on WMG Teachable is half price, including the challenges. Just use the code



  • Markus

    Hi Dean,

    a quick question: I think you mentioned somewhere that you will switch your Short Story Class over to the classic tier this year. Am I remembering that correctly?



    • dwsmith

      I might have thought that, but honestly I am enjoying reading the stories people do for the workshop, so for now I think it will remain in the regular every-other-month rotation.

  • Maggie+King

    Hi Dean ~ I’m signed up for the Short Story Challenge but haven’t started yet. I really like the idea of doing the Novella Challenge, so would it be possible to change to the Novella one instead? Thank you.

  • Zoe Cannon

    These challenges have a chance of paying for themselves, given time. I’m pretty sure mine is going to. I joined the Great Challenge during one of these sales in 2020, and so far I’ve indie published a little under half the stories (standalone and in collections) and made about $150. I imagine I’ll probably make the rest of the $300 back when I put up the other half. And then more as they keep selling. (If you do what Dean recommends and submit them to magazines first, you could make back the $300 on one sale.) Plus now I have a lifetime workshop subscription.

    • dwsmith

      You also got better by writing fifty-two short stories, built a writing routine and as you said, got a Lifetime Subscription worth $3,000.

      The long-term value of 52 different IPs is more than you want to think about. Just got to get them all out.