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Multitasking Big Time Today

Not Even Counting the Sale And Bundle Stuff…

Today, after my normal email, I went to work on doing the final layout of Smith’s Monthly #58. It will be out next week and up on Patreon.

Then after that Kris and I walked a few miles to a great lunch place and spent some time there working on different workshops, getting them all planned out.

I have also recorded a new class called CLIMBING OUT OF THE RUBBLE which will be part of the Master Business Class, the licensing class, and also on the Decades Ahead class. It will be up by Monday in all three. It will be a regular class right up until May. No homework, just understanding what in publishing we are climbing out of and how much has changed.

Then back home to do more workshop stuff and more working on Smith’s Monthly #58. I did a number of covers as well.

Then a short nap and I cooked dinner. Got back up here in my office and worked on a Kickstarter campaign for a friend, then more workshop stuff, then more layout, then watched part of the last James Bond movie we missed in the theaters.

Then I got back up here and wrote my 49th short story for the challenge, a new Poker Boy story.

Then I did a new cover for the 8th story in the challenge and got it up on Patreon. These are the raw stories I am putting up. I will pick up speed getting them up next week.

So now I was going to write some stuff about the sale, (anything half price if you use the code MidWinter ) which has a ton of information about in the last four posts. But decided I’m going to go watch some television and get a good night’s sleep for a change. Any questions about the sale, just ask. (And yes, April regular classes will be up by Sunday.)

And if you love great fiction and cats, here is a bundle for you.