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Quick Solutions Series

First One Is Up…

The first class in the Quick Solutions Series is called:

How to Make More Than Coffee Money

This new series of workshops is a cross between a classic workshop and a Pop-Up. Each one has three parts, each part has an assignment you do for yourself to help in the learning.

Then there is a very pointed story prompt that if you want you can send to me to read. This first one has 18 videos, but I will warn you, the answer to the title question is not focusing on how to make quick money. Just how, over time, to make more than coffee money.

I am working on recording right now the second one in the series. #2…Advanced Writing Into the Dark.

The others in order will be…

#3… Advanced Teams

#4… The Tricks and Secrets of Finding Cheap Art

#5… How to Rebuild and Restart Your Writing

#6… How to Rebuild and Restart Your Writing Business

#7…  How to Rebuild and Restart Your Attitude

#8… How to Research for Mysteries

#9… Tricks and Techniques of Studying People for Characters

There will be more, and some might fit into the order. We should be putting up one every three or four days to start.

Again, all of these are three-parts, three assignments you do for yourself on your own time and schedule, and a story prompt that is optional. Basically a classic workshop combined with a Pop-Up, but just less material than a classic and more than a Pop-Up. Same price as the other two at $150 each.

Find the first one on Teachable.

And remember the great workshops and Pop-Ups we have on our Pulphouse Kickstarter. The two special workshops you can only get on the campaign.

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  • Cheryl

    This new series sounds great — and good timing as I am clawing my way out of TTOGF (exacerbated by some familly health issues). Thanks to you and Kris for continuing to share. Invaluable.