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First Run of the Year…

Yes, Kris Beat Me…

I got up over five hours ahead of when I normally get up, so that was fun (not). But this year the temperature was perfect. And we were joined by Ron and Lisa Collins and Bridget Collins.

And I did more running than I expected to do after my failed summer of getting in shape. I managed about a quarter of a mile straight running, then ran a block and walked a block. I got a distance ahead of Kris, but she caught me just after the two mile mark. I ran another block and got back ahead of her, then she caught me for good around 2.5 miles when my feet just would not allow me to run more.

So she beat me by 2 minutes, but I broke 50 minutes, which was one thing I wanted to do. That didn’t happen at all last season. (My best from 5 years ago is 31.50.)

The Las Vegas Metro S.W.A.T. team in full tactical gear started out in formation ahead of everyone. I passed them about a quarter of a mile in since they were fast-walking. Didn’t much think about them again until I heard this noise about four blocks from the finish and looked around and the entire S.W.A.T. squad in formation was running hard and gaining on me. So I ran to stay ahead of them.

I did not succeed. (Not sure why I thought a 72-year-old-guy could outrun young S.W.A.T. members at full run.) About a hundred yards from the finish they swarmed around me at full run and went by. Scary for a moment there. The sound of them running in full gear was amazingly loud.

After the run we all walked back to our condos and headed out to a really cool dinner. Great fun. Great food!

Then Kris and I went and got our Covid and Flu shots.

I took a four hour nap, then got some writing and work done last night, then slept for 12 hours. I think it was not only the change in time, but the two shots. Fine now, so back on schedule. Yay!

You can see a lot more pictures of the run on Kris’s Facebook page, but here are three of them. Great first run. First picture of me trying to pin on a race number with three hours sleep. Second picture of Kris and Cheeps. Third picture of me approaching the finish line very relieved I did not get mowed down by S.W.A. T..


  • T Thorn Coyle

    Go Dean! Loved the photos Kris posted.

    I’m in the process of upping my fitness again, too. Just started using a rebounder (mini trampoline) for extra cardio and full body workout. So far it’s super fun and gets the heart rate up. Easy on the joints. NASA uses them for astronaut fitness training. They found that rebounding increases oxygen levels in the bloodstream and also helps astronauts recover muscle and bone density more quickly.

    Since sitting is the new smoking, you’re right that writers need to do all we can to stay as fit and healthy as our bodies allow.

    Right now I’m doing walks and rebounder and adding weights and kettlebells back in. I figure if the Oregon weather is harsh, the rebounder will enable me to do cardio no matter what.

    In case anyone’s interested…I got the least expensive rebounder from JumpSport because they come preassembled. Well made, and no stretching the bungees on myself!

  • Kate Pavelle

    Good going, Dean! Too bad nobody got a good shot of you getting chased by a SWAT team in full armor. (Did you write about them? What did you say?)

    Fitness-wise, my replaced ankle got its final checkup and I’m cleared for anything BUT running and jumping. I’m not allowed to kick with that foot, so I’ll be restructuring all my kata to an interpretation that makes them still functional, but a “Kate version.” It’s a good challenge.
    The pool I go to is finally open again after a reconstruction. It was amazingly hard to find another place to swim within a 20 minute drive. I have a 5 day gym-or-swim schedule, and I’ll make October my bike month before the weather turns, now that I am allowed to bicycle outside again. So here is to rebuilding my VO-max and endurance while walking a mile is still a challenge! There are other ways .

    My goal is to do a short triathlon next summer, but walk the run segment. It’s not like I ever ran the run segment anyway, I ran just to look good in my finish photos 😉

  • Julia

    Wow, Dean! Running on three hours sleep, that’s good. Lack of sleep always makes my muscles feel like warm jello.
    Kris always looks amazing in her marathon duds.
    I was wondering will you be able to see the Formula 1 course from your condo next month?