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Going To Classic…

New Workshops Planned For Next Year…

So we have to make room in the regular workshop schedule. So here is how it will go.

All nine are available starting tomorrow and Wednesday. That will be the last time for two classes…

  • Depth in Action
  • Plotting with Depth

Both will go to classic workshops the first of November.

Then the first of December the following workshops will go to Classic…

  • Magic Bakery
  • Applied Depth

So if you want those two to be regular workshops with assignments, you need to take them either in October or November.

That will leave the five core regular workshops in place going into the new year with new workshops being added. The core workshops are:

  • Depth in Writing
  • Advanced Depth
  • Writing into the Dark
  • Teams in Fiction
  • Killing Critical Voice

Those five are not changing. They will be offered every month with assignments and just about anyone hoping to be a long-term professional writer might want to take these five core classes. Depth in Writing first, then Advanced Depth, then Writing into the Dark, Teams in Fiction, and Killing Critical Voice, in that order.

Remember, the four workshops that are being moved to Classic in the next two months will still be available, just without me responding to assignments.




  • Michèle Laframboise

    Killing Critical Voice, Writing in the dark and all the Depth workshops taught by Dean are treasures. (And the bakery, one of the first I followed.) I am grateful for, and do recommand those to writers.

    I wouldn’t write today if not for those workshops.