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Filler Tonight

Just to Keep the Blogging Streak Alive…

Night like tonight I wonder why I bother, but this streak after nine-plus years of not missing a day doing a blog is so powerful, I have to acknowledge it. Annoying.

Granted, I am writing here, but can’t begin to tell you how many times I wished this streak was nine-plus years of fiction writing without missing a day. Maybe that will be part of the new challenge for 2022. More than likely not.

I have a few more chapters of the Wet Blanket Reality written, just don’t feel like putting them up right now, so will do so in the next week or so. (I get too much flack for putting them up, so figured I needed to have a little extra time for emails when I do each chapter.)

And not completely done with the 70@70 challenge, since the last four books publish on Monday or Tuesday. Then the challenge will be officially over. It was a publishing challenge after all. So that I will talk about next week as well. When finished.

Here is a link to the nifty bundle of ten books I did for Storybundle.com called Visions of the Future. Amazing science fiction books in this one, worth grabbing, folks.