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A New Challenge

Working On It…

Kris spent time with me today as I worked over a possible new challenge for next year. Not going to start anything from my birthday to my birthday again. The new challenge I am thinking about is going to take some build-up, so it will start on January 1st, 2022.

And sorry, not yet going to say what the writing challenge is going to be because nothing is set. But I can say that to do this challenge, I need to lose about 20 pounds and be in shape for some distance running starting in January. Yes, losing the weight and being in shape again will make the writing challenge possible. It is that kind of out-there and I will need the energy that being in shape will give me.

Besides, I’m tired of lugging this extra 15 or so pounds around. One of the things I did do in my 70th year was gain weight. Got to drop a lot of that by the end of 2021. Oh, joy, right over the holiday. (grin)

So today Kris helped me work out a lot of the kinks in my challenge for myself, make it something I want to do. And to be honest, I am getting excited. I wanted to type this here to get a fell for how excited I am getting. If I wasn’t, I would have stopped on this, but still typing, so all good.

It is a year-long challenge and it will be in public. And for now that is enough vague-booking or whatever it is called. As soon as I nail down a few more details, I will tell you all here, more than likely after the last four books of the 70@70 Challenge publish in the next day or so.


  • Philip

    I’m excited to see what this challenge is, especially since you hit the 70 in 70 goal, which impressed the heck out of me.

    I lost 27 lbs this year and it directly impacted my writing. I had way more energy to sit down and work. Also, and this is kind of scary, but as a diabetic my blood sugar is now under control which means my mental clarity is 10 times better. It’s frightening to think how I tried to essentially write in a sort of drunk like state before.

    • dwsmith

      Amazing what a massive difference being in good physical shape makes. And not being in shape just drains energy. But so easy said than actually done. So congrats on losing that much weight. Fantastic!

  • Mihnea+Manduteanu

    Unfortunately I can’t stop eating when I write. Psychologically I associated th two things in my mind and this yeat, while writing, I put on 10 kilos. I just simply cannot stop eating. I run, I walk, but…

    • Nathan Haines

      I used to drink soda while I wrote (and honestly, still often do, just diet soda now…)

      I changed that to flavored water and tea to kill the calories and increase my water intake. Maybe tea with a couple cookies or digestive biscuits would help? You can switch over an extra day per week or something. If you want to change, even a small change that you can build on can be powerful.

      Good luck!

  • Nathan Haines

    I managed to lose about 24 pounds two years ago, and then over the last year and a half gained it all right back. I started counting calories last week and walking again this week. Not 100% sure I have more energy yet (although I do seem suspiciously alert compared to yesterday), but the calorie limits have been nice and easy, which is nice.

    Anyway, my productivity has been in the dumps this year, and I think the lack of exercise is a big reason why. I guess I’ll find out soon, but I know it won’t hurt!

    I think the hard part is going to be figuring out some writing targets and start tracking them so I can start to hit them.