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Filler Post…

Meaning Nothing…

Day 2,991 if the blogging streak.

It’s Friday night. I hate Friday nights. Too many years of tending bar to ever like Friday nights. Of course, my last Friday night tending bar was in May 1987. Think I would be over it by now, huh? (grin)

I spent the day doing workshop stuff, doing some reading, doing a bunch of writing, recording a workshop, and getting some miles in exercise.

Still 12-14 degrees above normal here, so making it almost impossible for too many miles. But I am getting some miles in.

I have very, very bad feet (from being too poor as a high school kid to have the right-sized shoes for cross country, so I ran cross country barefoot for three seasons after I bled through a couple pair of old shoes.) So for this ramp-up to the marathon, I have bought custom socks that don’t allow blisters and have other features, and I have ten pairs of running shoes of different types (all expensive) and am switching to a different pair every few miles when around the house to make sure no one pair of shoes creates blisters or other issues.

By the time the first marathon comes along I will have a favorite pair or two. Also got myself some expensive ear-buds for music that plug directly into my phone because my bluetooth ones won’t last six-seven hours of a marathon.

Now if the damn heat would just drop a tad bit more, I have a bunch of courses worked out for the longer milage days.

Blog done for one more day. Now I am going back to writing. Night.