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Title of the 50th Story In My Daily Short Story Challenge…

That’s right, just for kicks and giggles, I realized as I started into the story and put the date on the file that it was story #50 of the challenge. So I figured, “Why Not?”

And I titled the story “Fifty” and started writing. Turned out to be a 2,300 word Thunder Mountain story. Fun one.

The challenge of a story per day for a year is going along fine so far. I am behind only on getting the stories on Patreon. Put another up last night, going for sleep tonight so no more tonight.

As it was on day one, I never have any idea what I am going to write when I sit down at my writing computer. I just save my writing template to the days date, then look at my title sheets to smash a few titles together and then start typing. Every story so far except one has been in one of my two dozen regular series. Bryant Street has the most, of course, and Thunder Mountain is holding a close second, something I did not expect if I would have thought about it.

Five or six of them are Seeders Universe, and I might use a couple of those on a new novel or novella. And I used a few of the Pahket Jones short stories in the new Pahket Jones novella.

And got five of them now that Kris really wants me to submit to Queen or Asimov’s. Haven’t done it yet. Didn’t have that part of the filing in my system, so got to bring that up and into place before I go much farther.

So in other words, fifty stories in, going fine so far. On to tomorrow.



    • dwsmith

      Never been hard. Just the life crap has gotten a little easier is all. Certainly fun, that’s for sure, as you discovered.

  • Philip

    I’ve never written 50 stories in a YEAR, and you’re there by President’s Day! I’m rooting for you, Dean. This is a huge inspiration.

    I hate to admit this, but having followed your blog for years, I really expected life rolls to hurt the streak early on and you’d make more of a late-year charge. This is great work. Keep it up!

  • JM6

    Quick question: do you send ANY stories to the traditional magazines any more? Or do you just use Patreon and your own magazine and WMG publishing for the stories?

    • dwsmith

      Going to again this coming week. Kris has convinced me that five of the stories out of the first 50 need to go out or she might break my fingers. So for the first time in ten years I will be sending some out. I still publish a lot in anthologies and such on invites, just haven’t tried the four Dell mags in a while.

          • Mihnea+Manduteanu

            Silly question, but it’s my first time sending to magazine. So I send a story to one magazine, wait for it to return, then send it to another? Or can I send the same story to 2,3 magazines in the same time and see who wants it? What are the rules?

          • dwsmith

            Every magazine has guidelines, but why be in a hurry to be rejected since you are sending it to a magazine to be published. Right? So you send it to three places and they all want it, you are screwed.

            So one at a time, think you are going to sell the story. Never think about rejections or get in a hurry. And follow their guidelines.

  • Karen

    Go, Dean! You’re doing great! And it sounds like this year might be the time to start the Race back up? Lol