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Cool Collections Workshops Starting in March

Four Different Collections Workshops

They last nine weeks, you write five stories, I help you put the entire book together and the week #9 assignment is that you publish the collection that didn’t even exist before you started the class. Great fun!!

And yes, by putting in the code MidWinter, you get them for half price.

Also, if you hit every assignment and publish on the last day, you get a Pop-Up Credit worth $150.00

So this is a fantastic deal, especially during the sale.

Collection Classes focus for March/April are





Relationships can be about any kind of relationship, not just romance. Remember, during the nine weeks you write five original stories, do a cover, do sales copy, do an introduction, and put it in order and publish it. I am there every step along the way to help you.

So don’t miss jumping into a collections class on the sale. Just use the code:


to get any class half price.

I am thinking of doing all four of these along with anyone who takes them. That’s right, all four. And if I do I will keep those enrolled at how it goes and send each one a free copy when done. So another reason to enroll this March.

And how can I do this?  I am scheduled to write 63 short stories during those nine weeks. So I can focus 2o of them for the collections. Pretty sure. (grin)


  • Emilia Pulliainen

    I had great fun with the Fantasy Collection Workshop. Writing another collection with similar structure in the same world, but with different characters. I plan to write novel(s) with the world and characters.

    I got a lot more out of the workshop than expected.

  • Zoe Cannon

    Any chance you’ll post a list somewhere of the collections people have published through the classes? When I did one last year (great investment, by the way–I used it to learn how to do a collection, and now I’m putting my Great Challenge stories out using the same template), I was curious to see what other people had done with the theme, and maybe pick up some of the collections and read the stories.

    • dwsmith

      Nope… sorry, but these workshops have never been about forming groups. They are only for each person to learn for themselves. Sounds like a great idea doing the challenge stories that way.